What is Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware?

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (tiki.org) is a Web application, free software for managing Websites, online communities, Intranets, and much more, and it has very many features.
In addition, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is free software.

What is a Web application?

A Web application ist software installed on a Web server. Thus, it is accessible from anywhere, simply by using a web browser.

What is Free Software?

Free Software, or Open-Source software is software that everyone has the right to use, study, modify and redistribute.
For more information, there is probably no more complete information than can be found on the site of APRIL (Association pour la Promotion et la Recherche en Informatique Libre) an organization for Promoting and protecting Free Software, which provides information in both French and English.

Why choose to use Free Software?

Software development is very expensive and often takes longer than expected. Free software provides several advantages.
  • As the source code is available for Free Software, it can be adapted to individual needs. On the basis of existing software, it is possible to meet specific needs with reduced risk of delays and unexpected development costs.
  • Open-Source solutions combine the advantages provided by software developed specifically for you (adapted to your specific needs) with those of commercial software (you are not the only one to test and use it).
  • As a large community the Free, Open-Source software community helps one another, so that each specific user/developer needs to bear only a fraction of the cost of development.
  • This allows a small company like alsawiki.com to offer you the benefit of software whose production cost is estimated at almost 30 million Euro.

Why pay for something I could get for free?

In fact, you do not pay a license to use the software and you can go to tiki.org for a free download.
But as you are involved in your own professional activities, you may prefer to choose to pay for services such as installation, support, training, development and hosting.

Why specifically use alsawiki.com?

alsawiki.com has many years of experience being involved in the world of Open-source in general and is a part of the development team of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. This close familiarity with the product will allow faster development and ensure optimal integration with Tiki.
Furthermore, improvements and fixes made ​​for or in connection with your project are added back into the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Project whenever practical. This benefits everyone.
  • You get all the improvements you want while using a standard version of Tiki.
  • When you decide to update your site to a future version, your improvements will already be there. You will not have to finance developments over again.
  • The enhancements and fixes that alsawiki.com have made ​​for you will be reviewed and analyzed by the community of Tiki developers.