Who are we?

alsawiki.com was founded by Jean-Marc Libs

Jean-Marc Libs discovered Free Software on the Internet in 1995 and has made it the centre of his career ever since.

Jean-Marc lives in Strasbourg where he deploys Tiki sites and has also been working as part of the global Tiki developers team since 2006. Before that, he has had a long professional career as consultant and project manager in a French computer engineering services company, which allowed him to gain a solid overview of existing technologies.

He has also been involved in various events related to Free Software, such as the monthly "Install Parties" of the Linux Users and Open Source Software Group in Strasbourg and organizing the 12th Libre-Software Meeting (12èmes Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre - RMLL) in Strasbourg.

Going further

alsawiki.com is integrated into a global network of experts who can assist in answering your questions and meeting your needs with the right skills as well as to help it adjust workloads to meet your constraints and deadlines.

alsawiki.com is involved in the definition of Tiki Suite, a project to provide a suite of Open Source solutions covering all IT needs of SMEs.